Act Now

Had Enough? Time to Act

So much is at stake. Preserving democratic freedom takes action from all of us. Your efforts, large or small, will make a difference. You’ll also feel better doing SOMETHING.

Our local Indivisible groups, a community of like-minded activists, organize opportunities to get involved. Find your local group HERE or visit the IMC calendar.

Find Proven Actions!

Indivisibles across Massachusetts host in-person or virtual events for key swing states. You can write postcards, text, call, and canvass voters. Below are several groups that offer curated information, vetted strategies, and valuable actions.

Turn Purple to Blue recommends effective actions in battleground states and Massachusetts.

The Swing Blue Alliance calendar offers events in Southern New England and eight swing states – from Activist Afternoons/Evenings in Brookline, Cambridge, Andover, and Northampton to canvassing in Pennsylvania and fundraisers in North Carolina.

413 Staying Connected for Action’s monthly newsletter highlights progressive activities in Western Massachusetts. Sign up HERE.

Concord Indivisible Springboard suggests a wide range of actions that it has vetted, as an additional resource to its monthly in-person “huddles.”

See more opportunities on the IMC calendar.