Voter Registration: Register Democrats, Save the World!

Voter Registration: Register Democrats, Save the World!

Berl Hartman, Dr. Dan McCool, & Jason BerlinSullivan Auditorium

We CAN save our democracy. Registering Democrats in targeted battlegrounds is how we do this. Field Team 6 along with its many partners, is a machine that mints Democrats. Your dollars and hours are the fuel.
In this workshop, you will hear form Jason Berlin, founder of Field Team 6 and mastermind of a brilliant and effective method of registering Democrats. You will also hear 2 case studies of how this plan is working (Maine) and how to get a new voter registration program in a distant state off the ground. And for those who can not travel to a nearby battleground state, we will discuss other options to make a difference and help to register Democrats.

Check out this amazing guide by Field Team 6 for more tools & information: How to Register Democrats: A Training Manual - 5/15/2019

Presented by Berl Harman, Dan McCool, & Jason Berlin

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am
400 max