Help secure key rights under the golden dome! 

by the lobby day planning team from Indivisible Mass Coalition and Act on Mass

Not all eyes are focused on the presidential primaries; there is still important work to do at home! Indivisible Mass Coalition (IMC), along with Act On Mass, is co-hosting its first Lobby Day — “Fight For Your Rights — at the State House in Boston on Tuesday, January 23rd from 9:45 AM to 2:00 PM. We will advocate for three critical bills that protect key rights for residents of the Commonwealth. 

We welcome everyone to join us. No experience in lobbying or expertise in the three bills is needed. We will provide all participants with the training and talking points they need to have an effective conversation with their state legislators. 

Most residents support these rights.

We seek to hold our elected officials accountable for supporting such things as easy access to voting, protection of individual privacy, and visibility into government meetings and public records. These rights would be expanded by the following three bills:

The Voting ACCESS Act (S.410) would decrease multiple barriers to voting. In addition to permitting same-day voter registration, the bill would prevent a town from dropping voters off its rolls if they do not complete the town’s annual municipal census. In addition, it would require that the Secretary of State inspect all polling places and early voting sites at least once every four years, to make sure they comply with federal and state accessibility laws, and require the same mail voting applications, instructions, ballot styles, envelopes, and other documents for both early voting by mail and absentee voting. Common Cause MA and Mass Voter Table are supporters of this bill and will provide us with talking points on lobby day.

The Sunlight Bill (S.1963) would make all committee votes by legislators publicly available and subject the governor’s office to provisions of the Public Records Law. Massachusetts is the only state in the country where the legislature, the governor, and the judiciary are all exempt from such visibility. This prevents voters, advocates, and the press from seeing meeting notes, emails, receipts, and calendars. The bill is supported by 87% of Bay Staters, according to a non-binding ballot question posed in 35 MA state house districts in 2020 and 2022. Act on Mass is the lead supporter of this bill and will highlight the talking points on lobby day.

Location Shield Act (S.148/H.357) would ban the sale of cell-phone location data, which puts our privacy — and even our safety — at grave risk. People coming to Massachusetts to seek abortion-related healthcare, for example, shouldn’t have to worry that someone could buy data showing that they traveled to a Planned Parenthood here. Survivors of domestic violence shouldn’t have to worry that their abusers could buy this information and use it to terrorize them. Legislators should not have to worry that they will be tracked. The proposed legislation has support from 92% of Massachusetts voters. The ACLU-MA will guide us through the necessary talking points to lobby effectively for this bill.

This is democracy in action! 

If you’ve advocated for legislation before, you know how exciting it is to be part of the governing process. If you haven’t, you will learn how important your voice can be. We will make sure you have everything you need to speak to your elected officials confidently.After hearing from the legislators who sponsored these three bills, you’ll be trained how to have an effective conversation with your own legislators before heading to meet them with a group of fellow constituents. You only activate your power as a constituent when you use it. So let’s make it happen!

Whether you’ve been strutting through the halls of the State House for a while, or you’ve never met your legislator, this event welcomes all. Come for the day, or just come on your lunch break. 

Not sure yet if you can make it? Don’t want to attend the preparation and training, but want to speak to your legislators? Register using the link below, and we’ll get in touch. 

You’re invited to join us: RSVP for the lobby day!

If you can’t make it in-person on 1/23/24 but would still like to Advocate For Your Rights then please use this TOOLKIT to lobby/talk with your legislator.

Hope to see you there!