Time for Truth banner signed by peaceful protest attendees


The shock of the 2016 elections results was a wake-up call for all of us, and Indivisible groups formed across the country to protect and save our democracy, which has been under constant attack since then. We are grassroots activists and organizers working to resist the ongoing damage to our people, our country, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

Groups formed in cities and towns across the country, because people realized the great danger to our people and free society, and began organizing to resist and protect our country and its ideals, for the benefit of everyone.

Beginning with the worldwide Women’s Marches in January 2017 – the hallmark of which was overwhelming hope – many women formed their own local resistance groups. Many of us read the new Indivisible Guide and were called to action, and local groups started using the techniques discussed in that short guide. People who had never been active in politics — and long-term activists — joined together to work against the threats to our country.

A new movement was born and has flourished since then — not just a movement to oppose Trump and the Republicans — but a movement to save, repair, and rejuvenate our democracy itself.

We marched. We showed up at airports. We held town meetings. We met with our members of Congress. We connected with each other, and as local groups sprung up, they found ways to work together. We joined the fight to defend healthcare, making calls into key states to urge people to contact their senators. We learned how to help remotely in the elections held around the nation: with texting, phone-banking, and sending letters and cards to voters. We learned organizing skills to work together towards change.

More than 150 Indivisible groups formed across Massachusetts, and it became increasingly clear that groups wanted a way to coordinate and amplify their efforts. Indivisible MA was born to support this work. Massachusetts Indivisible groups are part of the national Indivisible movement.

Indivisible National has more than 6,000 groups (with at least two groups in every single congressional district in the country) and more than one million members nationwide!

Indivisible MA reorganized to become Indivisible Mass Coalition (IMC) in February 2020, a grassroots driven organization with elected representatives from each of Massachusetts’ nine congressional districts. The focus of IMC is to support local groups, amplify their work, and promote collaboration among these groups and other allied organizations in Massachusetts.

We have a newsletter, event calendar, and now multiple teams to work on many high priority issues and support roles. Maintaining close contact with the groups in each district is the essential work of the nine elected representatives to the IMC Coordinating Board in order to support, promote and amplify the work of all the grassroots activists that are the Indivisible groups.

All activists are invited and welcome to become members of Indivisible. Let’s all work to protect and strengthen our nation’s democracy. Please become active and work with us!