It’s all connected!

We turn out the vote, we win! It’s all connected! 

The countdown to the midterm elections has begun and we are all needed to make the difference by helping to get the voters that came out in 2020 to do the same now in 2022. It may seem like a tall order but it’s not impossible. We did it in 2018, 2020 and we CAN and MUST do it again in 2022!

Many experts say that it’s the only way we can hold the House Blue and gain seats in the Senate. Right now, the FiveThirtyEight Analysis has the GOP slightly favored to win the House with thirteen House races rated as “toss-up.” The Dems must win all 13 House “toss-up” races, plus all the other 208 seats they currently hold to maintain their majority. There’s a lot at risk, including continuance of the January 6th Select Committee.

Every action you take, every event you organize, can dramatically change the political landscape. So decide to do something, or to help someone else to do something, because everything we hold dear is at stake. The MAGA-Republicans' move toward authoritarianism is already harming our democracy and threatens to derail it entirely if we can't resoundingly vote them out.

Momentum is with us since the extremist Supreme Court handed down its decision to repeal Roe v. Wade, motivating many pro-choice women and men to register to vote. Gun safety is also an increasing concern since the recent Uvalde shootings revealed that even the good guys with guns can’t save us. The work of the January 6th House Select Committee has made it crystal clear that we narrowly avoided a planned coup d’etat and that insurrectionists and election deniers can be found in the highest of public offices.

The very core of our democracy is being assaulted daily by MAGA Republicans whose new agenda reveals zero concern for protecting our families or our freedoms. If the GOP wins the House they’ve already announced they will refuse to fund the government, unless Biden agrees to stop all the social programs he’s passed. With the country defaulting on its debt, our economy would crumble into a recession with interest rates spiking, millions of job losses and household wealth would be wiped out. Yet the GOP wants to make inflation and the economy the top talking point for the midterms — proving that the GOP platform rests on lies.

Indivisible’s Give No Ground project is focused on 10 especially tight races that affect both the House & the Senate. The focus on AZ, PA, GA, is important as their Governor’s races need a high voter turnout in order for Dems to win. There are many other important races that need your support as well, including MI, NC, WI, NV and in our own neighborhood, NH. Plus, many of us note the MAGA extremists in our own backyards, running for school boards, sheriffs and district attorneys.

It's a heavy lift because it’s all connected, but so are we and together we can move mountains if we can talk to voters about the powerful message that our freedoms are on the ballot!

So let's motivate as many as we can to take action and sign up for any of these upcoming Indivisible hosted actions to mobilize voters in swing states and toss-up races near and far:

Let us know how IMC can help your group promote your event HERE.

Dems can win the midterms but only if we can turn out the vote because IT'S ALL CONNECTED!