Joe Biden is a great president. Let’s give him the credit he deserves and re-elect him.

by Larry Pareles

I am writing to express my admiration for President Joe Biden. He deserves a great deal of credit for saving our democracy, growing our economy, controlling covid, passing laws to help the climate crisis, protecting womens’ rights, and healing America. Despite his mild-mannered leadership, Biden is making America great in many ways. I like living in Biden’s healthy democracy with its strong economy which he rescued from the previous president’s failed leadership. He also restored America’s leadership in the world, all despite fierce Republican obstruction. 

I actually like Biden the man. He is a smart, decent, honest person who shows his humanity and really cares about people. These are rare qualities in a leader, and I respect the man and his policies. He is politically very wise, defying expectations by getting major bills passed in this deadlocked Washington.

Biden understands the serious threat to our American democracy which is under assault by extremist MAGA Republicans, and he is working to protect our delicate system. He is seriously committed to strengthening our democracy by respecting the rule of law and making government work for the people to make America stronger. Now that the Justice Department is uncovering the full extent of the huge party-wide Republican conspiracy that almost ended American democracy on January 6th, I feel that I can rely on Biden to defend our freedom and democratic way of life. 

Naturally I’m happy that his economic policies are paying big dividends for the country. He’s created over 10 million jobs in under two years, the most ever. He’s grown the economy, has record-low unemployment, is increasing wages, bringing back clean-energy manufacturing jobs, and successfully fighting inflation.

Despite Washington gridlock he and the Democrats got many important bills passed, including the Covid Relief Plan, the Inflation Reduction Act (to address climate change), massive infrastructure projects, and more. His legislation to combat climate change has the strongest climate laws ever passed in America. Biden himself played an important role in these successes, using his knowledge, skills, and experience from 50 years in Washington.

I fear the future if the past president is ever elected again. Why? Because he is saying that he would make America into his dictatorship, taking away our rights and freedoms, especially from women and minorities. And I believe him. I don’t want to ever live under a Trump-led MAGA dictatorship in America.

President Biden deserves our recognition and support. His leadership has successfully grown our economy, controlled the pandemic, and addressed many critical issues including the climate crisis. Let’s give him the credit he deserves and re-elect him next year. I think we will all sleep better at night if he is our next president, knowing he will protect the American people and American democracy itself. I certainly will.

Larry. Northampton, Mass.