Let’s turn Texas blue with Sisters United Alliance!

When Texas Republicans passed their cruel anti-abortion law in September of 2021, the IMC Feminist Action Team got to work on behalf of Texas women. Our first action was a postcard campaign through Field Team 6 to get left-leaning women to register as Democrats and to vote. Our state-wide postcard campaign sent over 14,000 postcards with a pro-choice message to potential democratic voters.

The team is now shifting our efforts to getting non-voting Texas democrat women out to the polls in November. Texas is a non-voting state. We have partnered with Sisters United Alliance, a Texas based, data-driven organization focused on empowering women to vote.

The innovative strategy employed by Sisters United Alliance, reaching out to non-voting democratic women, may be key to turning around decades of voter apathy — especially given the Republican assaults on reproductive choice, public schools, and the LGBTQ community, as well as the spate of gun massacres and their unwillingness to pass common sense gun laws to save lives. These issues have the potential to “fire-up” left-leaning women unlike any other issues in recent memory.

Texas, with its 40 electoral college votes, can determine the fate of American democracy.

The 2022 state-wide elections in Texas will chart the course of the state for the foreseeable future. Electing a Democratic Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General in Texas will be a shot in the arm to American Democracy, and Sisters United Alliance can help drive Democratic voter turnout!

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