Mass. Indivisibles hold “Bigger Than Dobbs” rallies across the state.

Indivisibles and allied groups showed up last weekend to recognize the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision and to stand up for abortion rights and other freedoms.


In Andover we had about 40 people, but it felt like more! No speakers, but our state Rep Tram Nguyen was there and the Lawrence Eagle Tribune too.


Billerica organized standouts for the entire weekend of action and saw 20-25 participants each day putting a spotlight on reproductive rights and MAGA extremism.


There were 70 people there, including a group of girls from Brookline High who might want to form an activist club!


Close to 100 people gathered at First Parish in Concord to hear a compelling group of speakers share their very personal reasons for protecting reproductive rights and our democracy. From Somerville Councilor Kristen Strezo, who started us off with a rousing rendition of “I Will Survive,” to Mass. Rep. Simon Cataldo, who urged use of the Constitution’s Third Amendment to rein in the Supreme Court, attendees left with a stronger sense of engagement — and, quite possibly hope.


By all accounts it was a huge success. We had three members of the House speak and between 60 and 65 attendees. Events this size are rare in our area and people walked away very excited. A group of us went out for lunch after at the restaurant in the strip mall we were in front of and patrons of the restaurant stopped by to thank the team for the work that was done. The team walked away energized and ready for the next event!


Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution and its Reproductive Justice Task Force sponsored the event which 70 people attended. They heard speakers from the Traprock Center for Peace & Justice, Western Mass CodePink, Jewish Voice for Peace Western Mass, River Valley Democratic Socialists of America, Amherst Young Feminist Party and the Western Mass Area Labor Federation who co-sponsored the rally.


About 50 people rallied in front of City Hall to mark the second anniversary of the Supreme Court Dobbs decision overturning the right to abortion in America. Organized by the Amherst Young Feminist Party and co-sponsored by Indivisible Northampton-Swing Left Western Mass, people ranging from high school students to older folks demonstrated our firm commitment to protecting women’s rights to reproductive freedom, and to democracy in our country. We heard inspiring speakers including students and our state Representative Sabadosa speak about the critical importance of the November elections, knowing that our rights, our democracy, our country, and our future is on the ballot.


The Orleans Rotary had 62 attendees. We know our message resonates when we have enough participants to gather on both sides of the rotary. Several of those in attendance helped last summer in our Expose Fake Clinics campaign and were delighted to learn that our efforts to stop the mobile ultrasound unit got the attention of public officials. This resulted in an investigation of the unit and played a part in the new public education campaign just started this month.


Dozens gathered on Hancock-Adams Common — a site dedicated to two of our country’s eminent founders — to raise our voices around reproductive rights and many other rights currently in danger.

West Brookfield

There were 36 people who attended and heard seven speakers read poems, recount personal experiences, emphasize the importance of voting, and otherwise remind us what’s at stake in the upcoming election. We had chanting, inspiring music, great conversations, We held signs and waved to passersby, sold/bought buttons, shared provided water, coffee and donuts, displayed literature, and gathered contact info on newbies — about 50% of attendees were first timers!


50 people attended a rally for Reproductive Rights in Westford. State Senator Jamie Eldridge, and Indivisible leaders Denali and Christine spoke. Two original songs were performed by “The Volunteers.”


At the Williamstown event, attended by over 50 people, speakers ranged from a 14-year old who talked about climate change to a nearly 80-year old woman who spoke about her own abortion pre-Roe and being on the frontlines to help women attain abortions. We heard about Project 2025, heard original poetry that addressed abortion rights, chanted, and sang. After singing Holly Near’s “We are singing for our lives,” we heard from a former Tennessee legislator who left the South because of the toxic politics and lack of safety there as a lesbian and confirmed that we are *truly* singing for our lives. A man who heard our radio interview drove almost an hour from NYS to attend and talk about his experience as an EMT helping a teenaged girl, who’d been hiding her pregnancy, to deliver her baby.


Two state Senators, poets, singers, and a life-sized cut-out of the “first felon” were featured.