Mass. Indivisbles stand up to demand accountability for January 6!

Indivisibles and allied groups showed up this weekend to remember one of the darkest days in our democracy's history, to honor those killed, injured, and traumatized, and to demand accountability.

As Rep. Jamie Raskin said, “Ours is not a system of justice where foot soldiers go to jail and the masterminds and ringleaders get a free pass.”

Concord Indivisible held a silent candlelight vigil on Monument Square on the wintery afternoon of Friday, Jan. 6.

On Saturday, members of Concord Indivisible and its allies and cohosts — IndivisibleLab, Indivisible Acton Area, Protect Our Democracy, and IMC gathered on the steps of First Parish Church to hear from local leaders and signed a petition urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to hold the perpetrators accountable. Speakers included Deb Paul, chair of IMC. See more photos on CI's website.

Despite sleet and cold weather, Indivisible Worcester held a rally at Elm Park on January 6 to mark the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol and urge action to protect our democracy. Congressman Jim McGovern was scheduled to speak at the event, but provided a statement to be read instead as he had to remain in Washington for the House Speaker votes.

Concerned citizens gathered at City Hall in Northampton to remember the awful day that MAGA insurrectionists attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2020. About 100 activists attended the “Our Freedoms, Our Vote” rally to listen to inspiring speeches by law professor Jennifer Taub, constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz, the founder of the youth activist group Generation Ratify Amherst Marisol Pierce Bonifaz, and others.

The organizer read a statement from Congressman Jim McGovern who said: “The coup is still underway, not just in attempts to nullify and suppress the votes of millions of Americans, but in attempts by the radical right to hijack Congress.” The rally ended with the crowd singing “God Bless America” led by Dr. Shirley Whitaker, as we were reminded that the battle for the heart and soul of our democracy is happening now.

Members of Indivisible Outer Cape and Lower Cape Indivisible gathered at the Orleans Rotary to remind passing motorists of the need for Justice for January 6, accountability for all those involved in the insurrection, and continued action to protect our freedoms and our vote.

On Saturday, 28 activists, legislators, and community members assembled on the West Brookfield common to demand justice for the insurrection. State Senator Anne Gobi and Paul DePalo, Governors’ Councilor for Worcester district 7, addressed the gathering. Other local leaders who spoke were Eric von Bleicken, Sherry Zitter, Dawn Toomey, and Patricia O’Connor. Brookfields Fight Fear, Grassroots Central Mass, and Indivisible Mass Coalition co-sponsored the event. Participants held signs, gave or read speeches (including excerpts from the book On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder and the poem “The Hill We Climb”by Amanda Gorman and sang inspiring songs.