Greater Than the Sum of our Parts

There are more than three dozen Indivisible groups in Massachusetts. Each has a unique mission. Each has its own personality. Separately, their work is amazing. Together they can greatly multiply their impact.

My Lobby Day Surprise

Thinking that lobby days aren’t your thing? Think again. Lobby days are a rewarding experience full of comradery and insightful information. You might even have a conversation with the governor!

Stop calling them “pro-life.”

Imagine the scene: a “pro-life” organizer sends an email to her followers in which she appears to label reproductive rights activists, including legitimately ordained clergy, “the enemy” and accuses them of “killing, stealing, destroying, […]

Hate heats up in the Bay State.

The ADL found that Massachusetts was second only to Texas last year in the total number of hate incidents. You read that right: only the Lone Star State experienced more neo-Nazi propaganda than Massachusetts.

An Inside Look at Anti-Abortion Centers

During a recent standout held by Greater Andover Indivisible and Solidarity Lowell at the Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) in Lowell, a PCC Board member came out to talk — insisting that we should not […]

Campaign finance reform is key to protecting voter rights.

The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision loosened campaign finance restrictions and allowed anonymous corporations, non-profits, labor unions, super PACs, anonymous “dark money” sources, and the ultra-rich to donate unlimited sums to politicians and […]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I recently learned about “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPCs) and feel compelled to shout from the rooftops the enraging facts I now know. These centers often pretend to provide pregnancy care. But they are usually […]

Fake clinics: Exposed!

On Mother’s Day weekend, the IMC Feminist Action Team organized activists across Massachusetts to hold coordinated stand outs at nine of the anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the state. Despite our state’s AG and […]

Raising Awareness on Gun Safety

Indivisible Worcester recently hosted a presentation by the Falmouth Gun Safety Coalition (FGSC), a Massachusetts-based 501(C)(3) organization. FGSC represents gun owners and others who work to reduce gun violence through education and legislation.

Vote by mail stays in Wareham.

Wareham almost opted out of mail-in voting for the upcoming municipal election. If not for the watchful eye of one resident, we might have lost the option for mail-in voting.