Sample Reminder Content

1 Day Before

Hello, phone bankers!

We are very happy to make phone calls together tomorrow. We start dialing at 11am, but if you want training and help logging in, please join at 10:45am.

  • We’ll be making calls for Dr. Joan Jackson’s campaign. We recommend reviewing Dr. Jackson’s dossier, and suggest you print it out for easy access while you’re on the phone.
  • To save time tomorrow, please follow the steps to log into the phone bank system and set up your Action ID in advance. 
  • You’ll use your phone to make calls and your computer to use Zoom and navigate the phone bank system. If you haven’t used Zoom before please download  the Zoom Client for Meetings to your computer before the call. You can also join a Zoom test meeting to test your video and audio setup.

Joining the call tomorrow

  •  Find a comfortable place to make phone calls without being disturbed. 
  •  Have your phone charged, and a charger nearby. Earbuds or headphones are  recommended for hands-free dialing.
  • Have scratch paper to keep track of your dials. Print out the candidate’s dossier.  

Join the call at 11am if you don’t need training, or 10:45am if you do. Simply click the Zoom video link that was sent to you after you registered. Feel free to log in a few minutes early to make sure you have the tech set up. We’ll start with a training, and there will be opportunities to ask questions throughout.  

Day After

Hello all,

Thanks so much for phone banking yesterday – I appreciate your good humor and your feedback!

We made 244 calls— that’s 44 calls per person on average, about 2 minutes per dial per person, which is really good (between 1 and 2 mins per dial is ideal). We identified at least 5 undecided voters and Christine struck gold by recruiting a volunteer!

I hope you’ll join again next week, and please invite your friends. We’ll publicize through our email and social media channels, but a personal connection is the best way to bring in new volunteers. Here’s the registration link again if you want to share it:

Stay well, and see you next Sunday 🙂