Tips for Organizing Events

Tips to organize events and recruit volunteers

DO INDIVIDUAL OUTREACH, follow-up, and confirmations.

  • After sending a big email blast to promote your event and creating a Facebook event, focus on individualized targeted outreach to recruit volunteers.
  • Use individual emails, texts, calls, and/or Facebook messages to invite people individually if they didn’t respond to the broader outreach efforts.
  • Always ask people to RSVP using the same link.
  • Confirm everyone who RSVP’d to your event the day before the event, and again 2-3 hours before the event.
  • Use emails, texts, calls, and/or Facebook messages until you reach individuals who RSVP’d to confirm that they will be there! Always ask a question to get a solid confirmation: Will you join us? (HINT: “Maybe” doesn’t count as a yes. Try to convert each maybe into a solid YES by conveying the urgency of this moment and why YOU care so much about this movement!)