Texting with the Environmental Voter Project (EVP)

Text with EVP to get-out-the-vote among environmentalists in elections nationwide.

1. Review Texting Overview Guide

If you are new to Texting in the context of elections, then before reading further please review the Texting Overview Guide by clicking here. You’ll learn what texting is, why it’s important, and how it works at a high level. When you’re through reviewing, go on to the next step.

2. Learn about Environmental Voter Project Texting

The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) is a non-partisan organization that has identified some 15 million environmentalists who are registered to vote but did not vote in past elections. We text these environmentalists to ask them to vote in various special, statewide and presidential primaries and elections in 2020.

EVP texting to potential voters involves using a web-based tool (for desktops and laptops) or a mobile/tablet app that doesn’t reveal your phone number, full name or location.

3. Virtually Train on Environmental Voter Project Texting

If you haven’t done EVP texting before, you should arrange for one of the virtual training offerings below. Once you’ve completed training, you will be credentialed to text with EVP by the trainer and ready to move on to the next step. We strongly recommend going through the required training before using any texting tools.

  • EVP offers regularly scheduled training webinars. You can sign up to attend one of these by clicking here.
  • Visit the texting calendar to view all texting events where you can look for EVP-specific training events.
  • Sign up with one of our volunteer trainers, as available, for a personalized EVP session by clicking here.
  • If none of these scheduling options work, please email a volunteer at Texting Support.

If you have texted previously with EVP and are looking for a refresher, these are resources available to you:

  • Read EVP’s texting guide to refresh your knowledge.
  • For more help, sign up with one of our volunteer trainers for a personalized session by clicking here.

4. Text Away!

Have at it and good luck texting!

For help/assistance texting with the Environmental Voter Project and its texting tool, contact one of the EVP email addresses provided in your training.

If you have other questions or issues, please see the Other Resources section below.

5. Other Resources