Peaceful protest crowd with signs about science and facts

Vision and Mission

Indivisible Mass Coalition is an all volunteer, statewide organization building grassroots power.

As a grassroots organization, our core principle and driving force is to advance and strengthen our democracy. Our organization is centralized to be streamlined and nimble, while we foster and support members and groups in achieving their own self-determined objectives.

The Vision

To empower and support grassroots activists by being a high-performing and well-organized statewide umbrella organization that serves the many diverse Indivisibles and their groups across our Commonwealth. This statewide organization works to provide resources, support, and services to Indivisibles and their groups. We pledge to be grassroots-driven, transparent, collaborative and representative of all.

The Mission

To encourage civic engagement to defend and keep our democracy thriving and healthy. We help to build, support, and amplify the work of the many Indivisible members and groups throughout Massachusetts to promote a participatory democracy. We are committed to ensuring that Massachusetts citizens are informed, organized, and motivated. We share some of the necessary tools for people to participate in all levels of civic society, as active advocates and voters. We also support the mission and guidelines of the Indivisible National organization.

Indivisible Mass Coalition does not set statewide agendas or priorities. Instead, our responsibility is to serve local members and groups so they can take effective action and achieve success, as they self-define their roles, goals, and responsibilities.

We are organized to help, and invite you to join us in our ongoing struggle for the soul of our democracy!