VOTE: A Resource Guide

Voter Registration—Get Out the Vote—Protect and Expand Voter Rights—Cybersecurity

Compiled by Jan Shubert
Wellesley Indivisible Neighbors United

  1. Introduction and How to Use This Resource Guide

Getting people registered to vote is the first critical step for saving our democracy.  This Resource Guide provides an overview of  several organizations that have proven track records with voter registration, as well as those that are effective at those other critical junctures: getting out the vote, expanding and protecting voter rights and monitoring election security.

Section B is a list of  organizations that currently are currently promoting initiatives/events/opportunities in the eleven “Super States” as defined by Swing Left. (Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Maine).

Section C  lists several other organizations that offer important opportunities to get actively engaged in voter-focused activities, both right here in Massachusetts and in other states and regions. 

Section D provides a link to a list of the 37 states that currently permit online registration so that you can maximize whatever efforts you choose to join or support. 

An Important Note: It is certainly not intended as “definitive”  Think of it as a very basic jumping off point and add other organizations and initiatives that you are already a part of or that you discover.  Share and get input from others.  The more information (and resources) we have, the more effective we can be!!  Additions can be sent to Jan Shubert:

Section B

B. Organizations/Initiatives Focused on Voter Registration in “Super States”


Alliance for Youth Action

Focused on registering young voters in several states, (typically in partnership with local organizations) and teaching organizing and leadership skills.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement: [Details for each on website]

Florida: Engage Miami; Georgia: Georgia Shift; Texas: Move Texas; Ohio:

Ohio Student Association; Colorado: New Era Colorado

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:

AAUW provides excellent guides for organizing voter registration drives in all states; see the website for specific Super States information.

America Votes:

Has worked with over 400 state and national partner organizations on several general voter registration issues including same-day registration, online registration automatic registration and broader voter issues including restoring voting rights.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:

Note: America Votes “Core” category generally corresponds to “Super States” and currently includes Florida and Colorado.

Fair Fight 2020

As the result of voter disenfranchisement on a massive scale Fair Fight 2020 was created by Stacey Abrams and is building voter protection teams in Democratic state parties or with local allies across the country to protect the right to vote.  Engagement will vary by state and the work complies with each state’s unique campaign finance laws.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:  Georgia

Field Team 6

This highly effective initiative describes itself as “A national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world”.  The focus is on training volunteers to register and educate Democrats in crucial battlefields across the country.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:  Florida

Head Count

Voter registration at live music events, festivals and marches!  Has also sponsored training for teachers on how to bring rock and roll history into their classroom with a focus on the history of music and activism.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement: Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia


At the national level the mission for Indivisible is to fuel a progressive grassroot network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda.  In Massachusetts, Indivisible is a consortium of leaders from more than 250 local groups, coordinating and supporting a wide array of initiatives and actions. On the issues surrounding voting, they have partnered with Swing Left and the MA League of Women Voters to write letters, postcards, phone-bank, text and support voter registration in order to mobilize voters and assure a strong turn-out for down-ballot elections.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:  Multiple states and on-going initiatives.  Check website for opportunities.

Lift Every Vote

A collaboration fighting voter suppression, working on voting rights, voter registration and vote verification.  This has a really outstanding informative website.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement: Georgia, Wisconsin

Sister District Project—Massachusetts and Rhode Island

At the national level, Sister District coordinates efforts to win state elections with a strategy of targeting critical down-ballot state races.  In addition to supporting individual candidates at the state level, the MA-RI teams have been instrumental in supporting voter registration  through Voter Education postcards to registered Democrats identified as “infrequent voters” or “low propensity voters”.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement: Texas

Swing Left Greater Boston

Overall, dedicated to helping people from Greater Boston take effective action to restore democracy, fix our broken Congress and elect a new leader to the White House. On voter/voting issues they are active in new voter registration drives, sponsoring an Electoral College Conference, supporting Ranked Choice Voting initiatives, and advocating for secure elections. An excellent website spelling out multiple ways to be engaged.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:  Maine, Florida

Vote Forward

A nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering grassroots volunteers to help register voters from under-represented demographics and encouraging them to vote.  They typically  partner/coordinate with other organizations (national and local) to execute registration and get-out-the-vote initiatives.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement: Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania

Voto Latino

Focused on young Latino activists, there are three broad approaches: Civic engagement, issue advocacy and leadership development. They have been very active (and successful) with voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote in several states. Note: It looks as though at least Tufts University has an active chapter.

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:  Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin

Voter Protection Project

Advocates for an aggressive agenda to expand voting rights and fight against voter suppression. 

Current Super State Focus/Engagement:  Colorado, Florida, Ohio

Section C

C.      Other Voter Focused Activities and Initiatives for Massachusetts and     Beyond


(click on “Issues”, go to “Voting Rights”)

At the national level ACLU has a wide range of legal challenges on voter issues underway.

At the state level it’s a bit more challenging to figure out how to “participate”. Be persistent! 

American Association of American Association of University Women(AAUW)–MA

An excellent guide for organizing a voter registration drive or even just participating in one.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ):

Primary focus is on immigrant rights and citizenship. But there is a strong, active voting component that offers an Election Day Protection Hotline and has produced a guide for Language Rights and Voting.

Center for Common Ground: Reclaim Our Vote

Focuses on under-served communities that require voter services including: voter registration, photo ID review, restoration of voting rights, rides to pick up IDs and rides to the polls.

Webpage provides very general voter information for Massachusetts (and all states).

Common Cause Massachusetts

They have been very instrumental in the MA automatic voter registration movement

They are very active (as partners with multiple organizations) in trying to get Election Day Registration (EDR) passed.

There are multiple on-going initiatives around voting and election security:

You can also contact Pam Wilmot, Director in Massachusetts for more information:

Fair Vote

Advocates/organizes for Ranked Choice Voting.  Works in collaboration with several other organizations, both in Massachusetts and nationally.

Massachusetts Immigrant New Citizen Registration (MIRA)

An important, effective organization offering a broad array of information and services to immigrants.  On the voting front, they provide information and training in “civic integration”, including: information and step-by-step instructions for obtaining a Massachusetts REAL ID, opportunity to participate in registering voters and a Get Out the Vote drive to make sure immigrant communities are active and represented in elections.

Massachusetts League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters (nationally and at the state level) has long provided essential leadership on election reforms and clear, actionable information about a wide array of democratic processes. The Massachusetts League is currently partnering with the Election Modernization Coalition (including ACLU, Common Cause and others) to pass legislation permitting Election Day Registration (EDR) same day in Massachusetts.


Focused on restoring voting rights for people who are incarcerated.

Massachusetts Secretary of The Commonwealth

Official information about voting in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

William Galvin

***There’s an opportunity to “organize” and push for same day registration, ranked voting, more ballot security and more monitoring of polling places where there is a high percentage of people of color and/or immigrants.


A long, distinguished (and effective) history of securing equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination.  At the national level and through the more than 2,000 “chapters” across the nation they are gearing up voter registration drives, building strategies for increasing voter turnout among the black population and building “relational organizing” in communities and on college campuses.

Rock The Vote

Uses a wide array of media and music venues to get young voters registered and to the polls.

SPLC Voting Rights

Through litigation, legislative advocacy and education SPLC works to end systematic voter suppression and ensure everyone has the opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

States where initiatives are particularly critical include: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana.

Vote Riders

Founded in 2012 Vote Riders informs and helps citizens secure their voter ID.  Also supports organizations, local volunteers and communities.  And they include a phone number to call to report immediate issues and/or get real-time assistance: 844-338-8743.

Woke Vote

The mission is to invest in the activation, long-term engagement, training and development of new organizers and the mobilization of historically disengaged voters of color.

Section D

D.  Link to List of  37 States That Permit Online Voter Registration

National Conference of State Legislators