Who We Are

Indivisible Mass Coalition (IMC) is a group of volunteer activists who joined together to support the work of more than 50 Indivisible groups and their allies across Massachusetts, working to improve democracy, and support policies and legislation that improve equity and justice for everyone and that eliminate institutional racism.

IMC helps to build, support, and amplify the network of Indivisible groups throughout Massachusetts in order to promote and support a participatory democracy. Indivisible Mass Coalition is committed to ensuring that people are informed, organized, motivated and have the necessary tools to engage in our democracy. IMC coordinates with Indivisible National to work on our shared goals for democracy in our country.

What We Do

IMC provides the following resources and services to Groups:

  • Website where groups can find help, connect and collaborate with other Indivisible and allied groups, and access Indivisible resources
  • Newsletter published on a weekly basis for activists across the state with information, news, and to promote the work of Indivisibles and their allies and their many calls to action
  • Calendar publishes activist events, actions, meetings. Indivisibles & allies across the state are welcomed to list their actions here as a resource for everyone
  • Training resources to assist the work of local groups, and offer support to their members
  • Slack a communication tool to help inform, coordinate, and amplify the members’ work, and have multiple active ongoing conversations
  • Statewide virtual meetings and Town Halls via Zoom
  • How-to Toolkits supporting specific actions making it easier to take action and have an impact
  • Assistance forming an Action Team for an issue important to you or your group

Across the state, IMC supports local groups working together for racial justice, immigrant rights, climate change mitigation, voting rights, criminal justice reform, healthcare rights and many other issues. It helps connect groups who have specialized knowledge of specific issues with grassroots support to help get valuable legislation passed locally and nationally.

How We Are Structured

The IMC is organized with a Coordinating Board of nine members, each one elected for two-year terms by the Indivisible members in each of the nine Congressional Districts in Massachusetts to represent them in the statewide organization. Working collaboratively, IMC currently has Standing Teams to support longer-term needs. These Teams are Book Club; Communications; Racial Justice and Equity; Recruitment, Engagement & Training; and Technology. Other Teams may form as future needs arise.

The IMC also has Action Teams (or formally known as Ad-hoc Teams) to work on an as-needed basis on shorter-term issues or strategies, addressing particular interests of members and groups. These teams are formed to respond to special interests identified and driven by grassroots efforts. Action teams are organic and time-limited, supported by the Coordinating Board, and will dissolve when their project is completed. Some of the current Action Teams are working on: voting rights, women’s rights, texting, and other causes as they develop.

Our Focus

IMC is focused on amplifying the work of progressive activists across Massachusetts to transform the direction of our country, improve our democracy, and make our country a better place for all.